BigPrism Dynamic Countdown Timer

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Dynamic Countdown Timer is a tool that have made me alot of money since I started using it on my sites. It works like no other countdown timer available on the net. What's the difference? Just look how it works:

Let's say you set it to one hour. When visitor first time visiting your site, timer will "remember" visitor's computer and start counting down. Reloading webpage will not cause counter to be reset, if visitor leaves your site and then come back in 15 minutes, the counter will start counting down like if it was set to 45 minutes so to that visitor it seems like if it was for real and not just a trick.

Even more: when one hour is gone, it will display new information that you predefined and even if visitor re-visit your site in a few days he will still see that same information, counter will not be reset/started over.

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