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Conference Rooms Scheduler Network Version
Provides easy onscreen scheduling of up to 20 rooms for conferences/functions/lectures/meetings/dinners, etc. Daiiy and weekly screen views available. Printouts for all or individual columns. Easy-...
Appointment Book Network (MLT) Version
Versatile appointments system for networked professional / business offices and service centers. Provides up to 20 columns on the appointment page with user-adjustable column widths. The MLT versio...
videoMAN is ideally for all modern video clubs. Manage your customers and movies fast. Conveniences provided by videoMAN are interminable. You can always see which movies are rent, total duratio...
Instant Quote 2000 Upgrade
Instant Quote 2000 Upgrade will upgrade your PC Reseller System database. You can only purchase the Instant Quote 2000 Upgrade if you are a registered customer of PC Reseller System.
Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager is a Database Marketing System which includes sophisticated mailing tools including de-duplication, data enhancement and mailmerge facilities. Marketing Manager is fully net...
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