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PC-Mate is an attractive utility. MP3 Player. Keep and album and playlist of your favorite MP3's Awake to an MP3 song Awake to an audio CD Awake to one of eight alarm sounds Eight (8) ...
5 Utility Pack
5 handy utilities: Talking CD Alarm Clock, Wallpaper Express, QuikCD, QuikSaver, and QuikCalc. All have tray icons for easy and quick access.
Vypress Auvis
Vypress Auvis is a message client for Vypress Messenger. It allows any computer running TCP/IP on the Internet or a LAN, to receive messages from the Vypress Messenger server almost instantaneously...
CDLock lets you set up rules for the local computer, defining when any removable disks which support auto-eject feature can be used and by whom. You can control access to any removable disks,...
Arc Menu Single User License
Y2K compliant, text-based, mouse-driven, uses NO memory, network support, multi- user, passwords and authority levels + access restrictions. Auto install. Short cuts and hot keys. Context ...
Triplehash Hutmil
Hutmil gives you the tools to perform common and repetitive operations on multiple images, audio files, web pages or other files. When you need to do the same thing to multiple files, you use Hutmil!