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GGreat USB AntiBody

Protect your USB Flash drive with anti-body

Software Category: Antivirus Software for USB flash. New Technology: Just installed once, USB Flash has antibody and eliminate the USB flash virus. Lock "Recycled" and "Recycler" folder, against any attack from virus. Guard "My Data" folder and protect important files. It needn't update definition anymore. Product Specification 1. Anti-Virus Lock Autorun.inf, virus can't execute. Autorun.inf is unmodifiable and cannot be deleted. Prevent unknown and known viruses from your USB Flash, example: Virus@W32.TXP1, Virus@W32.GoldPigetc. spread by USB Flash. Plug and Play. It needn't execute any file and easy use for consumers. Prevent the latest USB Flash virus. Don't be afraid that the USB Flash will be infected by the USB Flash virus. You can plug to any computer. If there are viruses in USB Flash, it will clean viruses automatically when you start setup. 2. Anti-Hackers Lock "Recycled" and "Recycler" folder, the folder can't be injected by virus, example: Worm@W32.Resik, Trojan-Dropper.Win32.Delf.wjetc. spread by recycled folder. Virus files can't be executed when you use computer. 3. Anti-Spyware Protect and guard My Data folder. Protect and guard important files and data. The virus can't inject and infect this folder. The latest password input mode, the speed will be faster. 4. None Anti-Virus Software No Anti-Virus Software. No update but Antivirus forever. Protection to the USB flash type virus: 1. According to statistics in 2008, the top ten have 70% of the virus by the proliferation of USB flash drives. If we can stop for virus from spreading, it will reduce the loss of information resources. 2. GGreat USB Antibody don't needn't antivirus software. As long as antibody will be installed in USB flash, it can prevent the virus to spread. 3. Effectively prevent the followings: Autorun.inf is modified and spreads. Virus is executed by autorun menu. The right-click menu function has been changed. Execute the virus file by Left mouse button double-click. The virus injects or spreads by Recycled folder. My Data folder is destroyed by virus or unknown virus programs and files are injected. For example: Worm@W32.Auto.14, Worm@W32.OlGm.9 such as the spread of the virus USB function. Why do you need GGreat USBAB? The anti-virus software protecting USB must be installed to your computer at present. They are passive protection because they detect nothing only when inserting the infected drive. So files are easily stolen by virus and artificiality. GGreat develops the new technology, a pre-protective function and advanced security technology, and keeps your USB drive clean and safe. The GGreat USBAB is on sale now. You don't be afraid that viruses infect your USB flash with GGreat USBAB.

Price: $0 USD Category: Antivirus Screenshot: Added: Nov 09th 2009 Publisher: GGreat International Corp. Homepage: http://www.ggreat.com