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Peek into image, audio, video, text, PDF, and zip files with OptiHint.

Want to peek into files and folders without opening each one in a dedicated program? Want to cut down on the time spent loading and unloading files instead of viewing their content? Then OptiHint is the perfect solution you've been waiting for. OptiHint facilitates the viewing of content of 78 unique file types. You can easily peek into media files (audio, video, and images), text based and formatted files, archives, and even folders. OptiHint takes the standard Windows hint to the next level. Look at all the features of OptiHint and we think you'll agree that OptiHint is such a necessary utility, it should have come standard with Windows! How does OptiHint differ from the standard Windows hint? OptiHint let's you see what is in each file and folder using a visually appealing user interface which can include the Aero transparent look. Once you download and install OptiHint, you can enjoy all that OptiHint offers without any further tweaking. Or you can head over to the OptiHint control panel to choose: - the size of displayed hint - the style of displayed hint including background color, style, and transparency - hint delay and duration - and the specifics of 8 major file categories including: audio, video, image, text, formatted document, archive, executable files and folders. Then, as your mouse hovers over each of the supported file type icons, OptiHint displays its enhanced hint in place of the standard Windows hint, helping you gain more insight into what is contained in each file type and folder. For instance, If you have a large library of photos, music, or video files, OptiHint helps in identifying the content of each file type quickly without opening each in a dedicated program. Furthermore, in the case of audio and video, you have the option of playing each file by just hovering over its icon. OptiHint also lists the contents of folders and archives (ZIP or RAR) so you don't have to decompress each archive in order to see what they contain. OptiHint features are too numerous to list, so why not download a free trial and find out more?

Price: $9.99 USD Category: Utilities Screenshot: Added: Nov 09th 2009 Publisher: OptiRunWare Homepage: http://optirunware.com/