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Pearl Harbor - Day of Infamy

Become the Nationµs hero by shooting down all Zeros!

On the 7th of December 1941, the Japanese attacked the USA at Pearl Harbor without declaring war beforehand. The entire US war fleet suffered heavy losses during this sneak attack which the Japanese called Tora Tora 18 ships and 188 aircraft were destroyed and 2.403 Americans lost their lives. The Japanese strike forces themselves only lost 29 aircraft and 200 military personnel. Become the nations hero get into an Ack-Ack gunners seat and shoot down as many Zeros as you can its your job to defend the harbor and minimize the losses to ships, buildings, aircraft and human life. Youre the only chance the US has of surviving this disaster rewrite this infamous chapter of history and give the Japanese a lesson written in blood. 3 new Pearl Harbor locations (Tenden Pier, Hospital Point, Pearl City) Pro level - two different attack waves Pearl Harbor destruction statistics Historical cutscenes Orchestral soundtrack 360ø revolving gun turrets

Price: $7.99 USD Category: Arcade Screenshot: Added: Nov 09th 2009 Publisher: Korte & Wieland GbR Homepage: http://www.hqsimulation.com