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Sky Aces

Sky Ace - WWI Action Combat Flight Simulator with stunning 3D graphics

WWI Arcade Combat Flight Simulator Stunning 3D graphics Realistic aircraft models Weather and day times 2 campaigns with 52 missions Quickgame-Modus for Shoot`em`up Fans Breathtaking soundtrack Sky Ace is a WWI Action Combat Flight Simulator with stunning 3D graphics, realistic aircrafts models and an addictive gameplay. Get embroiled into hot air fights to defend each front line. Fall back into that time when pilots were knights of the sky and meet Manfred von Richthofen and his squadron. You ve got to maintain ground in many dangereous missions like destroying a depot, flying an escort protection, destroy Zeppelines and other ground targets and many more. Obtain the desired medals of the 1st World War and most of all: get safely back home! The game contains 2 campaigns with a total of 52 missions. You have the choice of 20 realistic aircrafts: Ansaldo A1, Armstrong FK8, Shuckert DIII, Newport 11, Newport 27, Newport 28, RAF SE5, Spad SX II, Spad SX III, Spad VII, Albatros DII, Albatros DIII, Albatros D5a, Aviatic D1, Fokker DV 1, Fokker Drl, Halberstadt DII, Junkers D1, Pfalz DIII, Hanriot HD1.

Price: $7.99 USD Category: Games Screenshot: Added: Nov 09th 2009 Publisher: Korte & Wieland GbR Homepage: http://www.hqsimulation.com